Visit the First Ever IV Clinic in Evansville, IN

Treat Your Body to a Rejuvenating Experience

There's a new way to boost your health and wellness in town. Check out IV Therapy Solutions! We're a new local hydration bar in Evansville, IN offering IV and IM treatments to help you feel healthier. Whether you're dealing with intense migraines or a hangover that feels deathly, we've got your back. And, we can take orders from your doctor for specific treatments or travel to your home for IV or IM services.

Call 812-901-9555 now to make an appointment at our IV infusion clinic. You can also text us if you prefer. Don't forget to ask us about our IM vitamin injections and at-home infusions.

We'll help you get relief from all kinds of health concerns

Did you know that IV infusions have been used to help treat all kinds of illnesses? We have experience assisting people who are:

  • Bouncing back from COVID-19
  • Lacking hydration during day-to-day life
  • Struggling with low energy and looking for relief
  • Recovering from gastric bypass or other surgery
  • Overcoming an illness and needing an immunity boost

No matter the reason for your visit to our local IV clinic, we can create a saline, vitamin and mineral blend for your needs. We'll do what we can to have you back on your feet in no time! Schedule your visit now.

You'll love the atmosphere at our IV clinic

If you're new to IV treatments, you might feel unsure about the process. But after stepping into our local hydration bar, you'll feel right at ease. Our personable employees will:

Get information and a brief medical history from you
Go over your options to help you choose the right IV for your goals
Set you up in a comfortable chair with a TV during your appointment

You can expect your first appointment to take about 90 minutes, but time will fly in our relaxing space. Don't believe us? Take the word of our customers who travel from Madisonville, Robards, Henderson and Owensboro, KY and Newburgh, Chandler, Boonville, Dale, Mt.Vernon, Princeton and Huntingburg IN.

Satisfied Customers

My first visit today was fast, easy and painless. Had a wonderful, friendly, and attentive nurse and a clean private room with a tv and a comfortable reclining chair. Highly recommend for hydration needs. So simple and quick.

Mary Payne

I came here while get over the flu to get fluids and vitamins back in my body that I had lost. It was a great experience very very clean and friendly. I recommend this place to anyone. Helped me recover quicker!!!! Thanks IV Therapy Solutions for the great service!!!!!

Brian Davis

I cannot say enough good things about the service they provide. It is so much more than just a place to cure a hangover. Personally, it did wonders for me. I'm 52 with health issues, mainly chronic pain and inflammation. Anyone who is over age 40 begins to experience absorption issues in the gut. This is instant vitamins and hydration into the bloodstream, and is the base of good health. Anytime one goes to the hospital, the first thing, an IV is administered to get fluids into the body. Hydration is the key! EVERYONE can benefit! From the cancer patient to the exhausted mom, to one recovering from covid, the flu, any sickness, or if you just need that boost to your energy, your skin, and overall health! Hydration is the foundation! I had my first infusion beginning of winter, and I felt amazing. Its definitively the way to go! The bigger cities have already caught on to the health benefits of IV fusion! I'm so glad Evansville is finally offering alternative , healthy holistic therapies at affordable prices!

Tkay Herron

Last week I had Flu Type B and the last two days I felt beyond weak. Today as I sat at my desk feeling lethargic I thought I needed to go to the ER. My skin was at a point of sticking when being pulled. I knew I was beyond dehydrated at this point. I reached out to Iv Therapy Solutions to see if they had something for being dehydrated and they said we do come on in. I thought to myself I hope this works or I'm going to have to go to Er and beg for an Iv and hope they do it, plus I'll have a huge bill. I walked into IV Therapy Solutions and was greeted by amazing staff. Still not knowing what to expect I walked into a nice room and was greeted by an amazing RN who was good at what she does. I could barely talk and was very lethargic when I arrived to the point I almost called my husband to take me to hospital. After 10 minutes I started to kind of feel like myself again. As I drove myself home I started feeling even better and I now I feel amazing. This place is amazing!!! I will be back! I can't wait to try the other stuff they have. This place is a godsend.

Nichole Lewis

I can in because my kids have been passing flu b back and forth. I started feeling a little rough, so I gave it a try. I walked out feeling amazing! This truly works!!!

Brandon McNeely

All I can say is wow! I was slowly recovering from the flu. I went in and got what they called the quench bag and soon as I left I felt like I was coming back to life and the next day I felt normal again like I never had the flu.

Travis Dean

I'm glad we finally get one of these clinics in Evansville

Tracy Strickland

Migraine relief without going to the ER!

Karen R. Wallis