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There's More to Our Hydration Bar in Evansville, IN

We offer at-home infusions and can fill orders from your doctor

Want to experience that amazing post-IV feeling from the comfort of your home? IV Therapy Solutions can make that happen! We offer at-home infusion services in the Evansville, IN area. Just schedule your appointment, then we'll:

Travel to your home within 30 minutes of our clinic
Set up the IV drip that you've requested
Administer the IV for you or your whole group

We can book at-home infusions for groups or you can come to our clinic. You'll get a discount if your group is more than six people. Book an appointment for you or your group today!

Please schedule your group appointment at least two days in advance, and note that we cannot make changes to your at-home session less than 24 hours in advance. Also, home infusions may be subject to an additional fee.

We can help you get relief from all kinds of health concerns

Has your physician recommended specialized therapy services? We can administer certain IV or IM injections you may need. You can bring your physician's order to us or have them fax it over. Then, we can prepare your treatment and let you know the price. Rely on us for your specialized therapy service needs.